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Five protein-rich foods for a vegan diet


Here's our five easy foods for getting enough protein in a vegan or vegetarian diet. It turns out that peanut butter is good for you? Yum!



UpCircle HQ is a pretty quiet place at the moment. All but 3 of us are currently working from home during Lockdown 2.0.

So let's check in with the "at home crew" and see how they're adapting!

Coping with Lockdown – Take 2


We have compiled all of our learnings from the first lockdown to share our top tips for coping with lockdown take 2. We’re all in this together.


What's Easter without chocolate? This is one of our favourite cake recipes for 3 reasons: it only requires 4 main ingredients, takes about 15 minutes to make and is a WONDERFUL vegan and gluten-free alternative to cheesecake!!


Whether you belong in the panic buying crew or the anti-hysteria crew, we can all benefit from some creative home cooking recipes at the moment.

So, we thought we would share with you some of our favourite tasty meals made from pantry-essentials that you hopefully won't have to venture out to buy, but already have in the safety of your home!

Deliciously Easy Vegan Pancakes

Easy, simple-to-make vegan pancakes that are a perfect way to start your day. Have a read and prepare to make your own!

Global Womxnhood: Women Creating Change

As a female founded brand, with a predominantly female team, what it means to be a woman in today's society is something we are passionate about here at UpCircle.

This week we have a guest blog from the girl power duo Hannah and Izzy, the founders of shado mag. Read on for a look into some of the different ways women around the world are creating change.


Our friends over at Little's Coffee have really come up with the goods... this blog contains their top 3 coffee-based cooking recipes. Because yes, you can drink it, you can scrub with it - and you can also eat it! 

And then, just to finish off, a boozy coffee tipple to tie things all together.

So. Click below and stay on board the coffee appreciation train. 

Sweat Vs. Skin. Can Both Sides Win?

Once we're off our bums and at the gym, there seems to be no downside to getting in a good workout — that is, unless post-workout pimples begin to appear.

We hand over to fitness correspondent Molly for her expert tips in managing the workout / breakout conflict.

Veganuary | What’s all the fuss about?

Whether it’s to help lose the insulation you put on over Christmas, to give your body a food detox or to start a healthier lifestyle, there are lots of reasons why we change our diets at the start of the year. This year, more people than ever are trying Veganuary.

Creamy Kale Vegan Salad

Every one knows about kale. But, it's surprisingly difficult to cook with, let alone taste nice. We reckon we've cracked it. Big call, we know.

This creamy vegan salad makes a deliciously simple lunch. It's so easy to make, you'll want it with everything!

Sprouted Vegan Everyday Porridge

Did you know that porridge has just overtaken toast as the UK’s favourite breakfast? Whilst we're always partial to a slice of toast slathered with nut butter, in the winter there really is nothing better than a warm bowl of porridge.

Check our vegan soaked porridge for the best recipe you'll ever try!

Fran's Sweet Buckwheat Banana Waffles

After recently buying a waffle maker, we have been experimenting big time in the kitchen. The humble waffle maker can produce some incredible dishes when you choose to think outside the box! Take a look at our favourite recipes!

Fran's Homemade Vegan Mince Pies

These mince pies are gluten free, grain free, dairy free, sugar free and nut free – perfect for all sorts of allergies and dietary requirements. So, there is absolutely no reason not to make, eat and enjoy them!

Sleep and Skin Health: Tips To Help You Sleep

Some of the most successful people in the world claim to thrive off 3 or 4 hours a night. Is this realistic or sustainable?

We discuss the issue of sleep in our blog post below!