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"It’s not just the well-known brands getting in on the action — independents such as UpCircle have created coffee scrubs by working with local businesses to repurpose coffee grounds.


(A quick FYI: the UK produces about 500,000 tons of used coffee grounds annually and most are ending up in a landfill at a cost of more than £75m per year.)

If your skin tolerates oils, people rave about UpCircle Face Scrub Coffee & Citrus Oils."


"UpCircle is all about reusing, repurposing an re-loving, in short it uses natural ingredients that would otherwise end in the landfill in its products: think coffee grounds and chai tea spices. Everything is 100 per cent natural, free of palm oil and vegan, obviously.


We love this chunky soap bar, which is actually a two-in-one product, as the repurposed chai spices act as a scrub on your skin too. We just hold the bar and rub over our skin and we come out feeling sparkly with noticeably soft skin, too."

Who What Wear - JUL 2019

"Not only are UpCircle's products brimming with natural ingredients like shea butter, peppermint oil and coffee but they actually take coffee grounds from London cafes that would have otherwise been thrown away and repurpose them into their formulas.


This body scrub was delightfully gritty, smelt incredible really left my legs and arms feeling smooth."


"Beauty that works... Fresh uplifting and citrussy scents are as perfect for sunny days as a chilled glass of rose. Catching my eye this month is UpCircle Beauty (new in Boots).


Its Coffee Body and Face Scrubs are made from used coffee grounds collected from cafes and packages in aluminium tubes: no plastic! Plus, with sandal season in full swing, previously sock bound feet are now on show, cracked heels and all. Time for a scrub?"


"Following the circular economy trend, the first few startups have proven that coffee grounds can become a valuable resource. Siblings Anna and William Brightman started developing a process to recycle coffee grounds into high-quality oils that they use to produce sustainable skin care products.

According to the Brightman siblings, studies have shown that the antioxidants contained in used coffee grounds are even higher than in fresh coffee beans, which makes it a precious resource for cosmetics. Once they had produced their first line of products, William and Anna managed to convince large retailers such as Boots, Waitrose, Whole Foods and Planet Organic to carry their line of cosmetics."


"Bodycare that you will actually use this summer... I've been discovering products that are so easy to introduce, I'm already speeding through my second buys.

I'm intrigued by a brand that has recently landed on the beauty desk, called UpCircle. It turns leftover natural ingredients into beauty products. For example, the coffee grounds in the Coffee & Lemongrass Body Scrub (£15) are collected from independent coffee shops around London.

The scent is tropical, and it glides on surprisingly well for an old-school grainy scrub.

Yes, this is the bodycare worth buying."


"There's a sea change in motion. The Attenborough Affect – spurred by national treasure David Attenborough’s efforts to inform the nation – has led to a 53% decrease in single-use plastic from consumers, 82% of whom now consider products with sustainable packaging more important than ever.

Every step we take independently to educate ourselves and make smart choices makes a huge difference cumulatively.


UpCircle create its body and face scrubs by repurposing Arabica coffee grounds from London cafes which would otherwise be binned."


"There's no denying we're in the middle of a waste-free revolution. We've all seen the newspaper spreads of litter-strewn beaches, recycling rates are up, and 'single-use' (as in plastics) was the Collins Dictionary word of the year for 2018.

'While almost 90% of people in the UK claim to regularly recycle from the kitchen, only 52% say they do the same in the bathroom' says William Brightman, co-founder of sustainable beauty brand UpCircle. 

This is the year that changes. Reducing the waste created by our lifestyle is a global concern for the beauty and personal care industry for 2019."


"Reclaiming waste is a hot trend in food and drink, and beauty isn't far off the pace. Exhibit A? UpCircle, a UK-based company, launched in 2016, which is adding moisturisers made with repurposed olive and avocado stones to its range this year.

Now stocked in Boots, UpCircle is already on track to save more than 1000 tonnes of coffee grounds (used to make scrubs and serum) from going to landfill in the next 5 years. "We've proven that the circular economy approach is possible on a mass scale," says co-founder Anna Brightman. "If two siblings can achieve this so quickly, I see no reason why the industry as a whole can't begin transforming its attitude to waste."

REFINERY 29 - MAY 2019

"There’s a new eco-beauty movement in town and it isn’t merely lip service or bandwagon activism. Circular beauty is here to tackle food waste, an issue at crisis level.

Take UpCircle Beauty, a skincare brand inspired by coffee waste. "Coffee is an amazing topical skincare ingredient and its antioxidant levels actually increase in brewed coffee," Brightman explains, with some experts arguing that caffeine has the ability to protect skin from environmental aggressors such as pollution. Research found that topical caffeine also increased "naturally occurring electric fields on the surface of the skin," increasing water content and providing moisturisation, making it great for drier skin types."


"Repurposed coffee grounds, salvaged from London cafes, are blended with shea butter and fragrant essential oils – to create scrubs that are as delightful to use as they are good for the planet. The scent: a posh spa crossed with an artisan cafe. The packaging: stylish, minimalist, recyclable. The credentials: sensitive skin-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free. The results: smooth, nourished, gleaming skin. Thank us later."


"We love a beauty brand with a conscience. That's why we are very much here for UpCircle, who repurpose leftover coffee beans from cafes around London to make delicious soaps, serums and exfoliators. We love this whole set-up, just as much as we love feeling proud and smug as we lather up with environmentally-friendly beauty products."

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