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"For anyone who has ventured into the startup world, UpCircle's journey reads like a dream. They have nothing holding them back."


"This week's best green buys: UpCircle's Face Mask made using finely ground olive stone powder."


"This is a beauty brand with a real difference. When UpCircle founders discovered just how many coffee grounds were being disposed across London every day (and subsequently being taken to landfill), they decided to do something about it.

Offering beautiful body scrubs and other skincare products that utilise the skin-loving powers of food refuse, you’ve got to try it to believe it."


"From beauty brands creating much-needed handwash, to fashion brands producing face masks for hospital workers, there really is kindness going around the world, and we're all for it. Here are some of the fashion and beauty brands making a difference right now…

UpCircle will be sending out care packages to NHS staff as a token of gratitude and to keep spirits up."


"This all-natural skincare brand knows a thing or two about being kind to the planet, as all of its products are made from byproduct ingredients, like used coffee grounds and brewed chai tea spices, which not only have natural skin benefits but help avoid landfill waste.


It’s put this feel-good ethos towards helping the Coronavirus relief effort, offering NHS workers care packages full of treats to pamper themselves with.

UpCircle launched the initiative today and has already received 2000 requests."


"Beauty brands can offer a moment of self-care and escapism during unprecedented chaos and confusion.

UpCircle Beauty is all about beauty that’s great for our skin, and great for the planet, so they use leftover ingredients or byproducts to create their products (think coffee grounds, brewed chai tea spices and fruit stones).

UpCircle offer a range of facial soap bars that help to cleanse and support skin’s needs. The Fennel & Cardamon Chai soap bar is great for detoxing congested skin."


"A spirit of 'reuse, relove, recycle' shines a spotlight on the potential of by-products. UpCircle Beauty collects used coffee grounds for its skincare range."

The Observer - MAR 2020

"Giving up plastic: Eco alternatives to help you live more sustainably. Work up a froth with the UpCircle chai soap!"


"The Circular Economy Is Coming Into Focus At Ulta Beauty With The Launch Of Rising British Brand UpCircle. 

One business’s trash can be another business’s treasure: That’s the basis for UpCircle, the budding British brand that incorporates coffee grounds collected from cafes and coffee shops around London in scrubs; powder from apricot seeds discarded by the agriculture industry in face balm; chai spices that remain after brewing chai tea syrups in soap; and olive pits dispensed of during olive oil production in a face mask. The brand’s repurposing of regularly cast-off compounds is pushing the boundaries of sustainability in the beauty industry, where packaging has been the emphasis of late. (UpCircle pays attention to packaging as well. Its glass bottles, aluminum tubes and cardboard cartons are recyclable.)"

WGSN - MAR 2020

"British brand UpCircle partners with local businesses to transform leftover coffee grounds into new cosmetics ingredients.

The soaps are made from residual aromatic spices from award-winning chai syrup company Henny & Joe's. By reusing this waste, UpCircle saved 5 tonnes of spices from being thrown away in their first soaps batch. 

A pop up survey on UpCircle's website asked customers their reasons for purchasing the products from the brand. 71% give 'sustainability credentials' as one of their top three reasons for their order, demonstrating shoppers' interest in buying products made from upcycled ingredients. This approach has also helped the brand to obtain investment and attract the attention of retail buyers."


"We caught up with Anna Brightman, co-founder of UpCircle, who landed a listing with Sainsbury’s after her winning pitch last April: What do you think attracted the Sainsbury’s buying team to your brand? 'Claims like vegan, cruelty-free or natural are now basic expectations. We go a step further with waste-fighting formulations. We have a clear point of difference, and this is important. Secondly – and this is key for Sainsbury’s – is our price point. Ethical, sustainable, fair trade, organic ingredients cost more, and it is also costly to produce handmade products in the UK. We commit to all these things while remaining determined to be a brand whose sustainable products are accessible to all.'"


"With “Environment Always” as one of our core foundation pillars, let’s talk about what our amazing founders do, and continue to do… While all of our skincare and makeup brands are vetted by the Credo Clean Standard, the strictest standard in Beauty Retail, there are a special few taking this standard up a beautiful notch – and we felt the need to shine a light on that.

So, this spring, we highlight and celebrate our founders doing so much – and they’re not stopping at beauty. The planet, the future and the masses thank you - and so do we.

The founders of UpCircle - Anna and William Brightman upcycle coffee grounds. They're given a new life in the formulas, and the packaging is 99% plastic free."

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