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transform magazine - jan 2019

"Dragon’s Den startup Optiat made a name for itself by using recycled organic material in premium cosmetics. But, in order to foster growth, the brand needed a rethink. The newly named UpCircle highlights the company’s focus on the circular economy, emphasising its sustainability credentials. The visual identity is a lovely upgrade that should appeal to Millennials and Gen Z-ers. The wordmark looks handwritten, with jagged circles wrapping round it. The packaging uses soft tones and simple, to-the-point copy with minimal visual cues to focus solely on the products’ themselves."

Natural Products News - JAN 2019

"The new name for the brand, which repurposes waste coffee grounds in its products, was chosen to represent the idea of positively re-using old things and suggests an elevated, uplifting purpose. 'You must have a compelling and consistent brand and it’s vital to really nail the tone – visually and verbally,' explains William Brightman. 'That requires brilliant creativity and close collaboration between the teams responsible for copy and visual design. We now have exactly the right look, feel and tone for our brand, giving us a solid platform on which to build future success.'”

ethea - jan 2019

"We are at the stage now where companies are coming to ask us if there is anything that we can do with their natural by-products! It’s truly exciting and makes us feel like UpCircle has the potential to make a real difference."

elle - dec 2018

"Give eco gifts, get extra smug points. These are the ultimate gifts for any eco-conscious beauty lover."

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