Free Shipping On Orders Over £40
Free Shipping On Orders Over £40
Free Shipping On Orders Over £40
Free Shipping On Orders Over £40

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What do you stand for?

Where did the idea come from?

Are your products vegan and cruelty-free?

Are your products tested on animals?

Where are your products made?

What is your packaging made from?

Is your packaging recyclable?

Were you previously called Optiat?

Were you on Dragons' Den?


Do you deliver worldwide?

What are your shipping costs and times?

What is the cut off for same-day shipping?

Can I change my address after the order has been placed?

My parcel is showing as delivered but I haven't received it.

What do I do if my order is returned to you?

What do I do if there's an item missing from my order?

Are your shipping materials recyclable?

Do you include an invoice in the order?

Can I add a gift note to the order?

Has Brexit affected shipping costs?

Return, Refill, Reuse

What are the benefits of returning packaging for refilling?

Which products can be refilled?

How does it work?

Do I return my pump / dropper / spray nozzle to you?

How do I wash out my empties?

How is the packaging sterilised?

How long does the process take?

How do I know I am getting back the same packaging?

Can I order new products and returns at the same time?

I don't have access to a printer - how can I return the parcel?

How can I make sure my empties don't break during transit?

What if my returns are lost in transit?

What happens if I order a refill by mistake?

Can I set up a subscription for refills?

Can you refill my empties with a different product?

Can I return other empties to you for reusing?

Body Scrubs

What does it do for my skin?

Will the caffeine keep me awake if I use this at night?

Do I use this in the shower?

Does this replace my soap / shower gel?

Do I need to leave this on or can I wash it off straight away?

Why do you use a preservative?

Will this stain my tiles / bath / shower?

Will this block my drains?

What happens when the scrub goes down the drain?

Face Scrubs

What's the difference between the body scrubs and face scrubs?

What's the difference between each scent?

How often should I use it?

How do I use it?

Face Serum

When should I use the serum?

Will it make my skin look greasy?

Can the serum lead to breakouts?

Can I use it on my hair / beard?

Chai Soaps

What is chai?

What is in the chai spice mixture?

Can I use the soap on my face?

Do your soaps contain palm oil?

Fruit Stone Range

Which of your products are made from powdered fruit stones?

What are the skincare benefits of the powders?

What is the packaging in the range made of?

Are they at all scratchy?

Are the powders certified?

Eye Cream

What does an eye cream do?

What are the benefits of maple bark extract?

Where does the maple bark extract come from and is it from sustainably managed forests?

How and when do I use the eye cream?

Will hyaluronic acid burn my skin?

Face Toner

What is a toner used for?

When do I use a toner?

Will the hyaluronic acid or salicylic acid burn my skin?

Do I need to dry my face after using my toner?

Why did you choose to use mandarin water?

Body Cream

What is the purpose of the body cream?

Why did you choose to use date seed extract in the body cream?

How and when do I use the body cream?

Will the body cream leave a greasy finish on my skin?

I have very sensitive skin is the body cream still suitable?

Night Cream with repurposed Blueberry Extract

What is Niacinamide and what does it do?

Who should use Niacinamide?

What are the benefits of blueberry extract?

What is pro-retinol?

What is the difference between the Night Cream and Face Moisturiser with Argan powder?

What does unscented mean?

Hand + Body Wash

Why did you use kiwi water?

Will this dry my skin out?

Why is it a hand AND body wash?

Do I have to use the wash and lotion together?

What is the packaging made of?

Hand + Body Lotion

Why bergamot water?

When should I apply this?

What’s the difference between body cream and lotion?

What's the packaging made from?

Soy Candles

How long is the burn time?

How long can I leave the candle burning for?

What candle safety tips do I need to follow?

Where is the wax sourced?

Where are the candles made?


How can I check the full ingredient list of a product?

How can I check the products are suitable without purchasing full sized products?

What do I do if I've had a reaction?

Can I return products if I've had a reaction?


How does a subscription work?

How much will I save with my subscription?

Can I cancel my subscription?

Can I skip a delivery?

How do I access my account?


What is Klarna?

I have been asked to go to Klarna's site. Is this correct?

What are my payment options?

How does Klarna Pay Later work?

What do I need to provide when I make a purchase with Klarna?

How do I pay for my order with Klarna?

Why have I not been offered Pay Later?

Is my payment information safe?

What should I do if I want to cancel my order?

Can I request delivery to an address other than my billing address?