UpCircle HQ is a pretty quiet place at the moment. Half of our workforce (2 out of 4 of us!!) is working from home, leaving just UpCircle co-founders Anna and Will holding the fort.

It's an undeniably unnerving time, which is unfolding day by day, and it's difficult to know how long this unprecedented time will last. For us, the main thing is to stay positive - and to continue working together closely as a team, despite having to physically split up!

That said, when your job title is "Warehouse Manager" working from home is a bit tricky! Safe to say we've had to get creative and stay open-minded!

So let's check in with the "at home crew" and see how they're adapting..






1. I'm staying sane these days by...

Sticking to a schedule. I make sure I still wake up early and get a dose of exercise in the morning (I’m getting the hang of yoga moves!), then I make my bed and get ready for work - from my new home office!

When I lose focus, I take a break either to have a coffee outside in the sun - on my front porch - or for a quick stretch, to boost that blood flow! And I always end my working day with my daily workout, just like I would after a normal day. My work normally includes heavy lifting and lots of moving around so I’ve been trying to make up for the missed activity where I can.

I’ve also been enjoying at home upcycling projects – I made the plant stand in the pic at the top of this blog post from inner tubes of tape rolls that I’d used up and saved from the warehouse!

2. My work space must include...

Natural light (my dining table is ideal for this), plants (they make me happy!) and plenty to drink (water and herbal teas mainly!) in order for me to feel calm, creative and productive.

3. I'm staying optimistic because...

I see how so many people were quick to adapt to the situation with a positive attitude, creativity and sense of unity. The number of digital socialisation opportunities almost make you forget you’re on lock down. This time allows for some personal reflection, away from distractions, conflict and the usual rush of the big city. I hope that we can use this as a fresh start when things go back to their normal cycle.







1. I'm staying sane these days by…

Keeping positive. Spring is upon us and it is breathtakingly beautiful. Our planet now has a rest from the usual high levels of pollution and we are already seeing the major impact. Hopefully this will help change people’s mentalities towards the severity of climate change… (silver lining?!)

2. My work space must include...

My oil diffuser (full of anti-viral tea tree), note pad, candle, a biggg beaker of vegan iced latte and, of course, the UpCircle Moisturiser so I can keep my skin hydrated. All of these things help me to feel calm, creative and productive. I'm also enjoying being able to work with the company of my dogs in this new at home setup!!

3. I'm staying optimistic because…

I know that the calm will always come after the storm. We shall get through this together, even though they are confusing and heart-breaking times, it has unified us and we will emerge from this pandemic as a stronger planet and as stronger people.


Have you got any tips for a productive at home work setup? Share them in the comments below!

Hope you're all keeping well. Sending love, from Team UpCircle x