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Coping with Lockdown – Take 2

  • 5 min read

We’re here again. Lockdown is back with only a few differences. Unlike lockdown number 1 which hit us all like a wave crashing from above, this time we’re experienced, we’ve been here before. That’s both good and bad. On one hand we know that coping with lockdown is possible. We’ve learned some tricks of the trade. On the other, we’re jaded, we’re tired, and we’re wondering if we can really pull it out of the bag again. And what’s more, it’s nudging into winter and it’s often dark and wet. Gone are the endless sunny days of lockdown 1.

Rather than dole out all of the same advice that everyone loved to share last time, we thought we’d look at things from a different angle: what have we learned from the last time? We’ve been busy bees on social media to get your thoughts and ideas about what worked so that we can pass those resilience tips on to everyone.

So, here we have it, the ultimate guide to coping with lockdown 2.0.

Coping with lockdown… again

One thing that became really evident in the first lockdown is that whilst we’re all in the same storm, we’re definitely not in the same boat. Some find themselves worrying about finances whilst twiddling their thumbs on furlough. Some are juggling working from home with children having to isolate due to cases in their bubble. And some are worried for their health or that of their loved ones. 

What’s most important is to try not to compare your experience with others and find yours lacking. Put in place the tips and tricks that will make this lockdown better for you.

So, cherry pick from these tips according to what’s best for you and your household.

1. Set some goals

One of our UpCirclers, Kerry Rayneman, shared, “I wrote a list of things I wanted to achieve in lockdown, such as learn to cook or bake something new, learn a new skill (crochet) or donate five items of clothing etc.”

It’s easy to think lockdown time is useless. Instead make it fruitful by thinking creatively about what your goals can be. Just remember that there’s also no need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself. It can be motivating to have goals – but remember that if you don’t reach them all then it doesn’t matter.

2. Breathe in the fresh air

It may be autumn moving into winter, but it’s still important to get out and into the fresh air, as UpCircler Claire Boyd shared with us. In fact, a bracing autumnal walk might just blow away those lockdown cobwebs. 

Face getting dry from the chilly wind? Use our all Day Cream and quickly feel smooth and peachy again.

3. Embrace a hobby

Winter months are perfect for new hobbies anyway, and without places to go and people to see, lockdown 2.0 will give you plenty of room to try something new.

Katrina Mackay says, “A good hobby will occupy your time if your [sic] furloughed, I recommend painting/drawing or knitting/sewing. Also cooking and baking new things that you didn’t have the time for before. Do something different everyday to keep things interesting.”

Looking for some inspiration? Why not have a go at upcycling – whether it’s a dressing table stool or a DIY scrunchie. Try our three different recipes using seasonal pumpkin or our zero waste vegan cauliflower cheese.

4. Be grateful

Even on the greyest of days, when everything feels like it is dull or going wrong, there will be something to be grateful for. Amazingly, research shows that practicing gratitude daily can increase your happiness by 10%!

At UpCircle, we include this practice in our ‘achievements of the week’ when we celebrate the good things that have happened. It’s a highlight for our team and makes us feel super positive.

Instagrammer a.wave.discovery shared with us about her gratitude practice in the last lockdown, saying, “I made it a goal to write down something each day that I was thankful for… It can be so easy to get sucked in by all the negativity that’s around at the moment, so it’s more important than ever to try and find those little bits of joy and positivity each day, no matter how small they may be.”

5. Remember your self-care

If you’re feeling low, or simply a bit flat, it may be a sign that your self-care is slipping. As Instagrammer roxybubblekush says, “a good beauty regime” really helps. 

Treat yourself to one of our all-natural beauty bundles and carve out a little bit of time, morning and night, just for you. You may also find that mindfulness practice helps you retain a clear and calm mind.

For a more hands-on approach, try making your own UpCircle products. Follow our guide on how to make your own Coffee Scrub to incorporate into your self care routine. Or have a go at making a Soy Wax Candle so you can enjoy the ultimate homemade relaxation.

6. Stay connected

It is horrid being told you can’t see friends and family, but we need to keep our social connections going. We just need to think about how to do it within the rules. So whether that’s sharing a socially distanced walk with a friend (which is allowed), or catching up on the phone, make sure you prioritise your important connections.

Think creatively about what you can do. Maybe have a cocktail night on Zoom, or be like becky_bartlett88 who, in response to sharing ideas on lockdown, wrote, “@leighhanny I fondly remember the last lockdown when we discovered UpCircle together."

7. Escape into a good book

Lots of UpCircle fans recommend escaping reality by indulging your inner bookworm. Dark afternoons are a perfect excuse for wrapping yourself in a blanket, making yourself a steaming cup of your favourite brew, and picking up a wonderful read.

8. Retail therapy!

We’ve got one thing on our agendas this time around that we didn’t have before, and that is that Christmas is lurking just around the corner. We’ve got ethical gifts which can be ordered online, making your Christmas shopping a doddle.

9. Prep yourself

If you’ve been furloughed, again, or you’ve unfortunately lost your job, this lockdown is a good time to get your ducks in a row. Take advantage of free online courses and boost your CV. Get ready to get back into the jobs market when things are easier.

10. Be kind

Our last tip is to heed the words of Instagrammer carolineann1975 who says, “Take each day as it comes. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself… We are all going through a tough time, it’s important we just get through this.” 

Switch off the news, remember that this tough spot isn’t forever, and be kind to yourself and to others.

At UpCircle, we’re here in lockdown 2.0 with you. Stay safe and stay in touch. We mean it!! Please feel free to reach out to us – whether by email, social media DMs or our website contact form, we’re real people on the other side and we’re always up for a chat!