UpCircle podcast with The Clean Hub

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The Clean Hub is a community of clean beauty enthusiasts that seek to educate the beauty world of alternatives to toxic ingredients and empower unique indie beauty brands.

Like many of us, they have grown tired of seeing the words “natural” and “organic” on beauty products when it couldn’t be further from the truth. So, their aim is to guide consumers and build trust in beauty products that are truly free of known chemicals and carcinogens.

We were thrilled when Raquel, the founder of The Clean Hub, contacted us and asked us to be a part of their 'Clean Chat' podcast series. 

Have a listen to the podcast below!

Here are some of Raquel's thoughts on UpCircle:

"UpCircle works to promote limited waste through a circular economy. As an example of this, the brand recycles used coffee grounds from nearby coffee houses and uses them as a key ingredient in their clean beauty coffee scrubs.

I noticed their products for the first time at the Natural and Organics Product show in 2017 in London, and was truly impressed.

The Brightman duo have taken action and created unique clean beauty products by eliminating waste in the community. With my consumer hat on, I’m a huge fan of clean beauty scrubs that smell amazing (try their lemongrass lifter).

With The Clean Hub’s business and investor hat on I think – there is a unique, innovative product as well as disruptive business model. Watch this space!"

You can view the full UpCircle introduction and Clean Chat page here!

A big thanks to Raquel and The Clean Hub team for featuring us.