Fruit waters and their benefits in skincare

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When it comes to an all-round wonder ingredient in skincare, there’s one word that is often overlooked, yet seriously important: water. But not all water is created equally. Despite ‘aqua’ often being the primary ingredient in every skincare product, we don’t give it enough attention. Fruit water for skin brings fabulous benefits. Hydration matters, and how you bring hydration to your skin, especially when using fruit, can make a big difference.

Why water? 

Water – both from the outside and the inside – is critically important in skincare. It provides the hydration that skin needs to stay plump and elastic, with less likelihood of dryness, cracking, irritations or blemishes. 

Skin is also the delivery system for all of the active ingredients in skincare products. Without water, those other ingredients cannot penetrate the skin.

Fun fact: your skin is made up of a whopping 64% water, so to maintain a healthy complexion you need to keep skin hydrated.

Why fruit water?

Our love of fruit waters started with green mandarin in our Face Toner. Now we’re using bergamot water in our evolved Hand + Body Wash and our new Hand + Body Lotion. These fruit waters join our other fruity loves, fruit stones, found in our Face Mask, Moisturiser and Cleansing Balm. This is no accident; fruit brings so many benefits to skincare.

We choose to use only 100% biologically active water, naturally processed, from organic fruits. For example, the green mandarin water we use is a by-product from the juicing industry. Our waters come from traceable and sustainable Mediterranean fruit sources and are always shipped using low carbon transport.

The fruit water we use has some pretty fantastic science behind it too. It’s been shown to be closer to your skin cell’s natural physiology, making it easier to absorb. On top of this, fruit water helps your skin to withstand environmental stressors more effectively than non-fruit water, and the same is true for the modulation of inflammation.


How we use fruit waters and why

We’ve put three different fruit waters into some of our latest products. Here’s why:

Bergamot fruit water

Found in: Our Hand + Body Lotion

Bergamot is a citrus fruit similar to the lime, but quite yellow like a lemon. It’s generally considered inedible because of its bitter taste, but it’s fabulous in skincare and bergamot oil is used in cooking. It’s also one of the flavours that you’re probably familiar with if you’ve tasted Earl Grey tea.

At the moment, washing your hands is more important than ever, being an important preventative step against coronavirus transmission. However, with frequent hand washing, you can experience soreness and dryness.

Our new Hand + Body Lotion is designed to be used after each time you wash your hands to help keep them soft, supple and hydrated. We’ve used bergamot fruit water because it is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The scent is wonderful too, and has been shown to help reduce feelings of fatigue and anxiety.


Kiwi fruit water

Found in: Our Hand + Body Wash

Who doesn’t love the glorious pattern and pop of a kiwi?! However, kiwi and skincare run even deeper than magnificent looks and flavours, which is why we've added kiwi fruit water into our new and updated Hand + Body Wash formula.

Kiwi is a wonderful fruit in the antioxidant stakes and having it's properties in our Wash ensures your skin gets a regular dose of kiwi's benefits. It’s also naturally moisturising, and helps to soothe the skin, which couldn’t be more important given how frequently we all need to wash our hands.

Kiwis are rich in vitamins E and C. These two vitamins are particularly well-known for their protective qualities for the skin, helping to combat the free radicals that our hands are exposed to through living everyday life. It even contains Omega 3 which can help to prevent UV damage from sun exposure.

Kiwi and skincare are also associated because kiwi’s anti-inflammatory properties mean it is often used in natural acne treatments. Kiwi helps your skin regulate sebum production, which prevents your hands or skin feeling greasy.

Can you see why we chose to use it yet?!

Green mandarin fruit water

Found in: our Face Toner 

We use green mandarin fruit water in our Face Toner, sitting alongside repurposed and soothing chamomile extract. We’ve also added some hyaluronic acid; another skincare wonder. Our Toner can be used after cleansing your face morning and night, but also spritzed on during the day if you want to revitalise your skin.

So what are the skincare benefits of green mandarin? Well, green mandarin, like the kiwi, also has a long association with excellent skincare products. 

Green mandarin is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. It supports the healthy regeneration of skin cells and it can combat the free radicals we’re exposed to in our environment from things like air pollution. At the same time, it has a detoxification effect and has long been associated with keeping acne at bay. Similar to bergamot, green mandarin has natural anti-inflammatory properties which are perfect alongside the cooling effect of a spritz toner.

The use of green mandarin fruit water in our Face Toner ensures skin is left rejuvenated, brightened and refreshed.

Trust in our ingredients

The ingredients that we choose for all UpCircle products don’t happen by accident. We consciously choose ingredients for our skincare products against the criteria of the benefits they bring to your skin, but also against how they match up against our commitment to repurposing ingredients, sustainability, ethics and our principles of veganism, organic origins and more

When you choose UpCircle, you can rest assured that we’ve really thought about why we use fruit water in our products, and how we can source it responsibly.