Upcycling inspo: Hair Scrunchies

  • 1 min read

With thanks to Siobhan from @flipit_n_reverseit for the brilliant instructions.

At UpCircle we love re-purposing, so old clothes and materials are no exception. Whether you are an avid sewer with a box full of cut offs, or a complete beginner with an old t-shirt you want to do something with, scrunchies are fun and easy to UpCircle ✂️ 

You will need:

  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Hair bobble
  • Fabric

1. Cut Your Fabric to Size
Your fabric should be a long rectangle. The longer the fabric the more scrunches there will be, the wider the fabric the thicker the scrunchie will be. Once you make a few scrunchies you will be able to eyeball the size you like best, but for your first time here is some measurements we like to go off.

Small - 1 3/4" wide; 20" long
Regular - 2" wide; approx 22" long
Large - 3" wide; approx 22" long

2. Fold It In Half
Fold with the fronts facing each other.

3. Add the Bobble
This should be in the corner then pinch the two corners together.

4. Sew the Two Sides Together
Sew a straight line down pulling the bobble through as you go along.

5. Turn it all inside out

6. Once inside out turn in the ends
So there are no rough edges.

7.Sew them together
Sew from the inside round in a circle.

There you have your final product - your very own UpCircled scrunchie!  Now just wait until someone asks where you got it and you can say you made it yourself 👏