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The benefits of using a Safety Razor

  • 5 min read

Once upon a time, a Safety Razor was your only option for an at-home shave – for both the ladies and the gents – which didn’t require a single cut throat blade. Then along came disposable alternatives and we lost confidence in how to use a safety razor. Now we are coming back to safety razors, realising they are the best razors for the environment, wallet and for our skin. But we may feel daunted by the new-to-us world of changing razor blades and performing the shave itself.

However, the benefits of using a safety razor are extensive. Once you’ve got your head around the benefits, you’ll want to know how to do it. What’s more, it’s not complicated and it’s definitely not as scary as you think!

Safety razor vs disposable

It may be a staple of old-fashioned westerns, and a treat for a groom on the day of his wedding, but the secret to a close shave is a single sharpened piece of steel, known as a single blade. However, away from cowboy saloons and nervous grooms, not many modern people like the idea of taking an unrestrained blade to their skin.

For men and women, wherever on their body they are shaving, the secret of an at-home close shave is a safety razor. This brings you the benefits of a single sharp blade, with the safety and security of a frame and razor head. Razor manufacturers may have done a number on you, convincing the hordes of shaving individuals that they must have multiple blades, cased in plastic, with in-built soothing balms, on disposable handles. But the truth is that each blade simply adds to the risk of irritation. 

So why shave with a safety razor?

1. Ditch razor burn

Skin irritation, caused by shaving, is the cause of razor burn. There are a couple of ways to minimise the risk. Shaving in the same direction as hair growth, rather than against it, is the easiest solution.

A safety razor will also help you prevent razor burn. With disposable razors and disposable plastic mounted blades, you’ll be tempted to keep on using them for as long as possible. Yet sharpness of the blade matters when it comes to preventing razor burn. The sharper and cleaner the blade is, the better it is for your skin. 

Check out our YouTube video about how to change your Safety Razor Blade. It’s super simple and will ensure you always have a sharp blade. We promise that one sharp blade is in a league of its own compared to three or five dull blades being dragged over your skin.

2. Save cash

If you’ve stood at a supermarket checkout and winced at the price of your disposable razor blades, you’re not alone. 

We decided to do the maths for you and discovered that, when using our Safety Razor, you will actually save £163 each year on shaving compared to using disposable razors. That’s quite some saving!

What’s more, we operate a razor blade return scheme and, for every 5 blades you return, you’ll get £1 off a refill pack.

3. It’s kinder to the environment

Plastic isn’t good for the environment. We know it, but it makes for convenience in everyday items such as disposable razors and disposable razor blades. 

However, with a safety razor, the only waste is a recyclable steel blade. No plastic here, thank you. It’s just as convenient as a plastic razor, without needless harm to the environment and the ever-growing oceans of plastic waste.

4. Reduce acne

Acne-suffering men will know that managing facial hair when you have acne can be difficult. The trick is to keep your pores unclogged. Multiple blade disposable razor heads are a bacteria breeding ground. They are difficult to properly clean and you then transfer that grime into your pores each time you shave.

A safety razor is much easier to keep pristinely clean. You’ll also be happier to change the blades more frequently. It therefore helps to reduce the risk of acne.

We know acne isn’t a barrel of laughs. In addition to using a safety razor check out our acne-combating skincare

5. Seriously close shaves

Only a straight-blade razor will get you a closer shave than a safety razor and most of us aren’t prepared to go down that route in our own homes. For banishing stubble on your face and legs, a safety razor is the way to go. 

It does take a little practice to get the hang of the technique (you’re aiming for a 30-45° angle!), but once you’ve mastered it, you’ll have ridiculously close shaves. In fact, you’ll feel that shaving with a disposable razor really isn’t an adequate shave at all. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you won’t be going over the same spot multiple times either. Instead it’ll be one or two strokes and you’re done.

What’s more, you’ll get a more even shave. The added weight of a metal razor handle, over a plastic one, ensures it is comfortable to get good control over the shave.

6. Blade choice

Ever wondered why disposable razor heads are so complex? It’s with the heads that the companies make their money. They need you to keep coming back to get replacements which only fit their handle. 

With a safety razor, you can choose where to get your own blades and which make to choose. They are generic. You aren’t tied into using just one brand. But as you’re already here – you can click here to buy blades from our store.

What about razor cuts?

Honestly, don’t fear a safety razor! Small nicks are quickly eliminated, once you learn the contours of your own skin and stop shaving against the grain. The mounting on a safety razor is designed specifically to prevent nasty cuts. As long as you go with the direction of growth and use a reasonable amount of lather, razor cuts won’t be a problem. Our video also shows you how to handle the blade safely so that you don’t cut your fingers when you change it.

It’s a learning curve, but the benefits are worth it.

Choosing your safety razor

The UpCircle Safety Razor is plastic-free and suitable for both face and body. Its unisex colouring makes it perfect for everyone. We include two free razor blades to get you started. Our blade return scheme ensures that this really is a zero waste option. By choosing the UpCircle safety razor you help your pocket, your environment and your skin.