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UpCircle's Skincare routine for pregnancy

  • 3 min read

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Whether you’re blooming or blemishing, pregnancy can be a time when you need to give extra thought to your skincare.

Even if you swear by a cabinet full of skin care products, once you become pregnant, your skin can change dramatically. A high level of hormones disrupts your skin's delicate balance, speeds up dehydration, increases sensitivity, and impairs your skin's resistance to dirt, wind, and UV rays. What does this mean? This means that your old reliable routine may not be as reliable anymore or pregnancy safe. In this blog, we’ll take you through the ideal skincare routine for pregnancy that is safe while ensuring you can feel and look your best!

The good news is that we made it easy for you to follow so it doesn’t need to be complicated. We have broken it down into a face routine and a body routine.

Face Routine:

Daily cleansing, morning, and night

Start off by using our Cleansing Face Milk  which is the perfect gentle pregnancy-friendly cleanser for every day use- all thanks to the upcycled oat powder which helps restores the skin's moisture barrier. The results? A clear and refreshed face.

Exfoliating the face two to three times a week


Next, exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation helps to keep your skin clean and smooth, helping to boost your radiant glow. Explore our Coffee Face Scrubs to find the best one suited for your skin type. 

Weekly pamper, morning and night

For an extra treat, you should try to enjoy pampering yourself a few times a week using our Clarifying Face Mask with Olive Powder to reveal the pregnancy glow underneath.

Awakening the skin with hyaluronic acid morning and night

Pregnancy is a tiring 9 months and the skin can become dry and dull so, this next step is vital to add hydration to the face. Spritz our Face toner to plump and balance the skin then apply our Eye Cream to brighten under the eyes.

Gentle moisturising rich in Vitamins and antioxidants

Now it's time to add moisture back to the face using our  Face moisturiser with Vitamin E for day time and our Night Cream with Vitamin A for the night time, which contains pregnancy-safe levels of salicylic acid. However, if you want to avoid salicylic acid completely then we recommend using the Organic Face Serum with Coffee Oil. This will nourish and moisturise your skin as it is wonderfully rich in Vitamin C. For double moisture and hydration use the Face Serum after applying the Face Moisturiser and Night Cream! 

Protect the skin from harmful UV rays during the day

Lastly, it's time to apply SPF (yes, even in the winter too!). It is extremely important to protect your skin from high UV rays especially during the summer and it's vital not to skip this step when you're pregnant. Our Mineral SPF is reef-safe and dermatologically approved that provides an essential physical defence against premature ageing caused by the sun.

Body Routine:

Daily Cleansing

Start off by cleansing your skin with our Hand + Body Wash. This fruity hand & body wash leaves hands feeling soothed and protected, with an invigorating blend of lemongrass and mandarin oils. Suitable for dry skin.

Exfoliating two to three times a week, on the body

Next exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation helps to keep your skin clean and smooth, helping to boost your radiant glow. It can also prevent stretch marks post pregnancy. Excellent scrubs we recommend during pregnancy include our Coffee Scrub with Peppermint and Coffee Body Scrub with Lemongrass.

Weekly pamper, morning or night

Pregnancy is a tiring 9 months and unfortunately, it can cause lots of joint pains, muscle aches and stress so why not unwind once a week and enjoy a revitalising bath experience using our Bath salts. Whilst you unwind and relax, the bath salts get to work. The three natural salts include muscle-relaxing Epsom salt, breakout-busting sea salt and anti-pollutant Himalayan pink salt.


Moisturise and clear the skin

Finally, it's time to moisturise and nourish the skin using our Hand + Body Lotion
This is an uplifting lotion that combines bergamot water with grapefruit and lemongrass oil to uplift and invigorate the senses whilst protecting and repairing the skin.

All our products are made with natural ingredients to make them as kind to you as they are to the planet. We hope you enjoy using our pregnancy-safe products!