Meet the new Team UpCircle members

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Team UpCircle has gained 4 new members in as many weeks! We are so excited to be working alongside them and we're already benefitting from the fresh energy and ideas they've brought to the team. We love showing behind the scenes and the people behind the brand so without further ado we're delighted to introduce you to our new team: 


Andrew has started as our warehouse wonder. He will be overseeing stock taking, wholesale orders, press send outs, customer samples, ingredients processing, you name it he’s on it. He’s also in charge of our new return, refill, reuse scheme!

WHICH PART OF YOUR NEW JOB ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT? After seeing the work ethic from the rest of the team straight away, I’m most excited about being part of a fast moving and growing company with a great ethos which I completely agree with!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVE PRODUCT SO FAR? I’m loving the Peppermint Body Scrub but my favourite is the Chocolate Charcoal Chai Soap, I can’t get enough of the smell!

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR FREE TIME? I enjoy cycling a lot both around London and in to the surrounding countryside. Over the years I have regularly participated in charity rides– nothing can beat it!

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO DOING WHEN THINGS START TO OPEN UP? Like most people I’m sure, I’m looking forward to a nice beer garden and a week or two away in the Sun!


Katy has joined our sales team and will be working with stockists across the UK to get UpCircle products into even more hands and stores. On her first day she made two sales so the only way is up!

WHICH PART OF YOUR NEW JOB ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT? Other than getting to try out all lovely products, I’m super excited to be working with so many people who share my passion for sustainability! I'm really looking forward to sharing tips and tricks with the team and our stockists.

WHAT IS YOUR FAVE PRODUCT SO FAR? The Floral Face Scrub for sure – it’s perfect for sensitive skin like mine. 2-3 times per week I'll use it in the morning, followed by an iced coffee- it’s definitely the best way to start my day!

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO DOING WHEN THINGS START TO OPEN UP? I can't wait to hug my parents and my friends again- I didn’t realise how much I would miss something so simple! I won’t be mad that bars will be reopening too, I'm dreaming of cocktails in the sunshine!

WHAT IS YOUR TOP SUSTAINABILITY TIP? My top tips are cycling whenever possible and trying to live a more vegan lifestyle! My fave way to combine these is cycling to buy vegan doughnuts, what else could you want in life?


Iza is our new head of European sales. She’ll be chatting to stockists from Paris to Prague to help spread the UpCircle word far and wide. From what we have seen so far, Iza will be keeping our new Irish distributors busy and Europe glowing!

WHICH PART OF YOUR NEW JOB ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT? I am obsessed with different languages and cultures, so I am excited to learn more about people through something as personal as skincare. Being passionate about sustainability and natural products before I started, I can’t wait to spread the word about UpCircle products all throughout Europe! It would be so cool to go back to Holland (where I am from) and see our products in a local store I built a relationship with!

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR FREE TIME? I am a trained vocalist & songwriter and am currently doing my Masters in Popular Music! Besides that I love; yoga, cycling, cooking/baking, sewing and chatting to my family back home.

WHAT IS YOUR TOP SUSTAINABILITY TIP? It’s been said many times but there is no change too small! Finding ways to make little changes and incorporating them one at a time is more sustainable and much easier to work with. Before you buy something new, have a look and see if you can reuse something else instead first. I love using cleaning pods and you can use them with empty spray bottles you already have!


Giulia is our new content creator, and we are already obsessed! She will be creating our digital assets for socials and digital communications. Keep an eye out for her work- we are super excited to share it with you!

WHICH PART OF YOUR NEW JOB ARE YOU MOST EXCITED ABOUT? I’m so excited to join the team and work for a brand that has such admirable values and ethics. I believe that imagery is very powerful and my aim is to narrate UpCircle’s story through my visual language and bring a fresh outlook to the brand!

WHAT IS YOUR FAVE PRODUCT SO FAR? My absolute favourite is the Face Serum - as a proud Italian I need my dose of caffeine in the morning, and what’s better to compliment it than a coffee oil serum to awaken and nourish my skin at 7am? Oh and the delightful smell…it gives me the right amount of positive energy to start my day!

WHAT DO YOU LIKE TO DO IN YOUR FREE TIME? I can’t stop creating… I bring forward my artistic projects, I take photos, I paint, I sculpt etc. but I also love chilling with friends, doing yoga and meditating.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO DOING WHEN THINGS START TO OPEN UP? I can’t wait to take a long walk in an open-air market, looking for new inspiration among the stalls, sharing street food with a friend... hopefully on a beautiful sunny day.

WHAT IS YOUR TOP SUSTAINABILITY TIP?I am a big supporter of creative recycling. I always try to give a new life to used objects instead of throwing them away. For example, when I get a package full of Styrofoam blocks I ask myself: "What can I create with them?” And most of the time they become part of my sculptures. In the same way I love to buy second hand, not only is it sustainable, it’s also a way to find wonderful and unique items!

If you haven't already you can check out our meet the team page to catch up with everyone else!