Meet team UpCircle!

  • 2 min read
In the beginning, there was just Will and Anna and the signature Coffee Scrubs. Now there are 20 members of Team UpCircle and will continue to grow! 

As well as new products, we've also got some new team members and new UpCirclers so today we're going to do a super speedy run-through of the team so you know the people behind the brand. 

We asked everyone in the team what their strengths are and here is what team UpCircle has got to say.

William, Co-founder

Greatest achievement: Co-founding UpCircle Beauty!!!

Anna B, Co-founder

Greatest strength: Checking the teams spealing and grama, :D 

Juliana, Head of Operations

Greatest strength: Solving all problems that arise!

Clara, Head of NPD

Greatest achievement: Willow (see below for more details)

Phil, Operations Assistant

Greatest achievement: Sending 60 wholesale orders in one week! 

Harry, Head of Finance

Greatest strength: Very good at maths and numbers! 

Katy, Head of UK Sales

Greatest strength: Recycling, upcycling and cycling! 

Sophie J, Account Manager

Greatest achievement: Creating our 12 Days of Beauty Calendar! 

Iza, Head of Global Sales

 Greatest achievement: Taking UpCircle worldwide!

Alex, EU Sales Rep

Greatest strength: Tenacious and determined!

Kim, Head of PR + Events

Greatest strength: Getting team UpCircle freebies! 

Nina, Head of Social Media

Greatest achievement: Rocky (see below for more details)

Celia, Head of Digital Marketing

Greatest strength: Making ads that cause us to sell out instantly! 

Giulia, Content Creator

Greatest strength: Insanely creative! (see socials for more info)

Sophie L, Head of Customer Care

Greatest strength: Organising socials that give the team hangxiety!

Beth, Customer Care Exec

Greatest achievement: Moving from being an UpCircle customer to customer care! 

Drew, Head of Warehouse

Greatest strength: Solving all stock queries and packing huge pallets! 

Anna A, Head of Refills

Greatest achievement: Processing 18 sacks of refills in one day! 

Ujjwal, Ingredient Processor

Greatest strength: Rescuing ALL the flowers!

Willow, PupCircle Assistant

Greatest strength: Is a puppy! 

Rocky, PupCircle Exec

Greatest achievement: Is a dog!