One of the best things about working in a small team? Every one of us is our own boss. This International Women's Day is about how we each make a difference. So, let's meet the team and celebrate the vital input of each of the UpCircle gals.



Our sales superstar 🌠

Tell us about a woman who inspires you..
I couldn’t actually narrow it down to ONE inspiring female, I think any female who remains true to themselves is an inspiration. I feel that everyone believes that in order to be ‘inspiring’ they have to be someone or do something to become that. However, the people I look up to the most in life are the people who have listened to their own voices and followed their passion.

What's your biggest achievement of 2019?
Moving out, living in London and becoming part of the UpCircle family!

And your ambitions for 2020?
My aim for 2020 is to continue in the direction I am going in making a difference and being part of the change! My fave part of my job is selling products which I truly believe in - it makes selling very easy!



Our logistics guru 🚚

What is something you are most proud of?
I think this would have to be refocusing my attention to taking care of myself, mentally and physically. I nominated 2019 as the ‘Year of challenges’ taking any and all opportunities for physical challenges, which lead me to complete 10 events in 5 different sports including a half-marathon, obstacle races and even a last-minute cross-fit competition. Taking this challenge public has opened plenty of conversations with friends and colleagues, which I'm super proud of.

You are our newest team-member. What's your role at UpCircle?
I ensure all orders – big or small – get processed and sent out on time, packed with care and attention adding the final touch to the production process. The other part of my job is to organise the warehouse, which is basically a dream job for a neat-freak like me!

And what's your fave part of that role?
Organising! Especially being able to apply sustainable methods to all work processes, like saving all packaging for a second and third round. Or using materials in DIY projects (I just made a plant stand out of tape-inner tubes!!) 😊🌿



Mama bear 🐻

If you came along to any of the shows UpCircle attended in the last 2 years you might recognise me as the pregnant one or the one with a baby across my chest (depending on the time of year!) So, unsurprisingly my biggest recent achievement would have to be having baby George, my first child. Going through pregnancy, labour and postpartum is so humbling and I continue to be in complete awe of the female body.

What makes you proud to be a woman?
Being a mother is one of the hardest but least valued jobs in society. Bringing up the next generation is an incredibly important task and stay-at-home mothers deserve more respect and support both emotionally but also financially from the government. There is still an enormous stigma around maternity leave and being a stay at home mum and we need to each do our piece to dismantle the prejudice prevalent within our society and its institutions.



Story-teller 📖

This year’s campaign, #EachForEqual, draws attention to the difference individuals can make. What difference do you make?
I like to think that UpCircle stands as a good example of the difference an individual can make. William and I had the idea for this business 4 years ago and we have since saved literally HUNDREDS OF TONNES of ingredients from being sent to landfill by turning them into our products. How mad is that?!?

How do you do your bit to bring about gender equality?
I pride myself on being both a great boss and a very good friend. And I am very confident that I am both of those things, I have no issue with saying it about myself!
Sharing experiences, laughing, supporting, making memories and forming bonds with other women is my favourite thing in life. Whether in my professional or my personal life, I think it is the mutual support of women that can make the biggest difference in bringing about equality.



Did someone call back up? 🏃

What makes you a girl boss?
I am currently going through a 9-month application for the Army. This is a challenge I never thought I would set myself, but one that has completely changed the way I think about myself and my character. I now go to the gym (???). Even if I am an unsuccessful, the process has taught me so much about myself and will have a lasting impact on me and my future!

Why are you vital to UpCircle?
I am the younger sister of Anna and William, whilst I am wrapped up in the UpCircle family I also have a separate full-time job. I am able to provide an outsiders perspective when problems need to be solved. As I live with Anna, I also like to think I am a vital sounding block when she comes in from work in the evening and needs to off-load!

One for Me, One For My #1 Gal 💕

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