A guide to a more sustainable period

  • 2 min read

Let's talk periods. At UpCircle, we're always chatting about sustainable skincare routines and plastic-free bathroom accessories. However, having a sustainable period routine is just as important.

We never like to focus on the doom and gloom, but when it comes to periods it turns out 45 billion pads and tampons create more than 200,000 tons of waste?! While disposable period products such as pads and tampons are still the go-to solution for many, we're showing you how a sustainable period can be accessible to all.

Here's our handy guide in partnership with AllMatters on how to manage your period sustainably..

1) Menstrual cup

Naturally, AllMatters is our fave menstrual cup out there. The AllMatters menstrual cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone, a material that is comfortable to wear and does not contain any hazardous chemicals. In fact, by using a cup you can reduce your period waste by 99.9% for up to 10 years (of use), which positively impacts both the planet and your purse. 

Most of all we love AllMatter’s mission to support local communities by partnering with NGOs across the world, donating menstrual cups to young girls and women coming from underprivileged circumstances.

2) Vegan chocolate

We don't need to tell you that chocolate on your period is a good idea, everyone knows it is! Studies have found that cacao beans can improve mood swings, cramps and iron levels during your time of the month. Our top chocolate picks are Tony's Chocoloney for their fight against slavery in the chocolate industry, as well as Love Raw for their plant-based take on cult classics. 

3) Face Mask

Of course, it wouldn't be an UpCircle guide without some skincare. More often than not your period can bring on breakouts and imbalance your skin, especially for those prone to oiliness. Our top recommendation for this time of the month is our calming Face Mask, made with anti-inflammatory olive powder. The Face Mask is formulated with kaolin clay, which gently removes dirt and impurities from the skin without causing redness or irritation. Return as part of our refill scheme and receive 20% off each new pot!

4) Wheat bags

For many of us, a hot water bottle or a heat pad are essential items for combatting cramps, but disposable heat pads can't be recycled and hot water bottles are full of plastic. The alternative? All natural wheat bags! These can be popped in the microwave and will last (almost) forever. 

Fancy giving a menstrual cup a go? To get 20% off your purchase at AllMatters use the discount code BEAUTY20 on their website.

Do you have any other recommendations for a sustainable period? Let us know in the comments below!