5 house plants for great skin

  • 3 min read
We've teamed up with our friends over at Bloombox Club to bring you the best house plants for keeping your skin fresh.The environment has a direct impact on our skin. Airborne pollutants can clog pores, cool weather can cause dry skin and lack of sunlight can exacerbate conditions like keratosis pilaris. 

The cold weather we're having at the moment is problematic for those with rosacea, pilaris and other dry skin issues. This is compounded by the return of central heating, which saps your home of moisture, causing skin irritation and tightness. However, this is where plants can help! As well as making our homes look fresh and bright, indoor plants can physically alter the environment you put them in.

Through transpiration, plants can regulate humidity (super important in cold weather when the heating goes on) to maintain hydrated skin. Moreover, as a by-product of photosynthesis, plants can filter some of the airborne nasties that clog pores and trigger black / white heads to develop. Think of them as your very own natural humidifiers and air-purifiers!

Mother-in-Law's Tongue

First up we have the plant with the most memorable name out of the lot. These guys are super tough and tolerant of a little neglect, but most importantly Snake Plants make the best air-purifiers. People associate air-purification with foliage plants, but embedded in the expansive, upright fronds of the Mother-in-Law's Tongue are tiny pores which take in and expel gasses (a bit like breathing). As your Zeylanica absorbs the carbon dioxide they needs to survive, they also mop up invisible airborne nasties. Clean air = clear skin!

Snake Plant Zeylanica | Sansevieria Zeylanica 

Calathea Orbifolia

Next up we have a clever little humidifier. In their native South America, Calatheas grow low down in the humid rainforests. They like to be misted regularly (so get your spray bottle out!), and if you have a few of them together, they can boost humidity in dry rooms immediately.

Increasing humidity is especially important in dry office environments, new builds, high rises and any temperature-controlled environment. During the winter, when skin is dry, Calatheas are true skin-saviours!

Calathea Orbifolia | Calathea orbifolia

Lace Fern

Next up is a cute Christmas-looking tree. As a group, ferns are some of the best air-purifying indoor plants. Though the Lace Fern is a delicate plant with fine leaves, they amount to a high surface area - one of several indicators that a plant is good at cleaning the air.

Plus, like the mighty Calathea, the Lace Fern is good at boosting humidity. Keep them in a room together and you're on your way to creating your own micro-environment! Good for dry skin and dry airwaves. This plant is a true multi-tasker!

Asparagus Fern | Asparagus Setaceus

Areca Palm

This Areca Palm has been labelled as one of the most effective plants to help relieve dry skin in winter. How so? As a thirsty plant, it transpires a lot of water making it an effective humidifier, and softening the damage of central heating on our skin. Stick one of these on your desk!

Areca Palm | Dypsis lutescens 

Wandering Dude Violet

This plant is giving us all the autumnal vibes! With such a rich surface area, the Violet's foliage is more than just pretty to look at. The overflowing tendrils will help absorb common household toxins that cause irritated skin, as well as preventing your pores becoming blocked.

Wandering Dude 'Violet' | Tradescantia Zebrina 'Violet'