UpCircle Careers | Warehouse and Refill Scheme Assistant

UpCircle values a diverse workforce. Women, people of colour, people with disabilities and members of the LGBTQ+ community are strongly encouraged to apply. If there is anything we can to accommodate you to participate fully in the recruitment or interview process please let us know by emailing


We are now shipping UpCircle products globally. Getting our products into people’s hands is arguably the most important thing we do. Everything we work towards leads us to the point where our UpCirclers are in contact with the finished product – but the products don’t just land into people’s hands by magic!


 As we grow, the movement of stock increases and the complexity of the overall operation does too, so you’ll need to liaise closely with our Operations Manager Juliana based in our office in Kennington, 5 minutes away. Your job will be to work with Drew, our warehouse manager, and Ujjwal, who looks after our refill scheme, to efficiently manage goods in and goods out and ensure that you communicate what’s been sent!


The “warehouse” is our railway arch in Camberwell, South London and it is managed by Drew!


This role has 3 main responsibilities: 
1. Assisting with the refill scheme
2. Assisting with coffee collecting and ingredient processing
3. Assisting with warehouse tasks like wholesale order fulfilment 


REFILL SCHEME: We launched our refill scheme in April 2021 and it's growing at an incredibly fast pace. We're extremely proud of it, and our customers love it too. To be one of only two people in charge of this scheme is an extremely important role.

Your job, alongside Drew and Ujjwal, will be to receive the refills from Royal Mail every day, to unpack them, clean and sterilise the packaging, refill each item, print shipping labels and repack the refill orders (including any additional "new" items that have been added to the orders.

COFFEE COLLECTING: We’re now selling so many scrubs that we very regularly collect and process coffee grounds from our local coffee shop partners, getting it ready to be sent of to our manufacturers who add in the rest of the ingredients.

Our “warehouse” location is our railway arch in Camberwell, South London and this is where the role will be based from. At the arch is a bicycle with a trailer. We need you to arrive at the arch, collect the bike and cycle it from coffee shop to coffee shop. The coffee shops are all relatively local to the arch - Camberwell, Battersea, Clapham, Brixton, Dulwich, Herne Hill etc. You would then cycle it back to the arch and begin the processing.

INGREDIENT PROCESSING: The main sorts of processing required are sieving, drying and sterilising. It’s physical work, but we’re proud that our products are made people instead of machines using simple methods. We do use some machines for mixing, but the bulk of our products are still simply made by real people. This enables us to monitor the process closely to ensure that the end result is skincare of the finest quality. Nothing slips through the net - quite literally!


WAREHOUSE TASKS: From the moment one of the UpCircle team sends you a fulfilment request, it’s then over to you to make it happen. This could be a journalist needing an individual product for a photoshoot, or a retailer in Finland wanting 800 serums – all with translated language labels! Drew is in charge of this section of work, but in very busy periods and when he's taking a well-deserved holiday, we need an extra pair of hands!

We’re looking for someone self-motivated, energetic, independent, adaptable and efficient. The arch location is managed by Drew who will support you in your role. The majority of the UpCircle team may be based in a different building, but we’re all working to achieve the same goal.


Examples of daily tasks: Collecting coffee from our local coffee suppliers, sieving and preserving the coffee, strapping and booking a pallet of barrels of coffee to go to our manufacturers, cleaning the empty barrels when they are returned, preparing and dehydrating flower petals, dehydrating and grinding chai spices, sterilising refill orders packaging, creating shipping labels for refill orders, communicating with Royal Mail drivers, dealing with customer returns, stock takes, liaising with the rest of the UpCircle team based in Kennington. 

Job role is available to start immediately.




  • Be one third of a team of three working in our arch in Camberwell. We are however looking to hire TWO new people into the warehouse team, so soon this will be one quarter of a team of four!
  • Collecting and processing coffee from our coffee shop suppliers
  • Cleaning and preserving the collected coffee, ready for our manufacturers to commence full scale production
  • Preparing and dehydrating flower petals for our upcoming bath range
  • Dehydrating and grinding chai spices for our soap bars
  • Receiving, sorting, sterilising, refilling and processing all UpCircle refill orders - assisting Ujjwal with the UpCircle refill scheme process from start to finish
  • Reporting on stock that comes in and out of the arch
  • Alerting our operations manager on equipment ordering
  • Sending out stock from our arch to our main fulfilment warehouse
  • Fulfilment: Picking and packing for all requests send by the rest of our team (press, influencers etc.)
  • Adhering to individual packing requirements of retailers
  • Labelling of bespoke shipments (translation labels, tester pots, bulk / refill stores etc.)
  • Holiday cover: Stepping into Drew or Ujjwal's shoes when they are on holiday.



  • Highly organised and forward thinking
  • Efficient and meticulous
  • Problem solving approach – be willing to adapt to individual customer’s needs. Have a “can do” attitude and willingness to make it happen, no matter what the request!
  • Confident cyclist
  • Quality control and attention to detail – always aware of how the product is received by the customer
  • Self-motivated – on Saturday you will be in charge of the warehouse on your own. We need someone who is able to prioritise and use quieter times to effectively plan for the week ahead
  • Always ensure safe working practices and operate equipment in line with health and safety procedures.


  • Competitive starting salary depending on experience
  • Collecting and processing coffee which is our signature repurposed ingredient, a huge responsibility
  • Rapidly-growing, fast-paced action where no two days are the same
  • Opportunity to develop and grow across all aspects of the business
  • Enough skincare goodies to shake a tree at
  • The chance to make a serious impact from the get-go

Additional Info

  • Role is based in Camberwell SE5, South London
  • Start Date: Immediate
  • Applicants must be eligible to work in the UK

How To Apply

Please send a CV in PDF with a brief intro to with the subject "UpCircle Warehouse & Refills Assistant". Good luck!