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Can coffee oil help your skin?

Our normal morning cup of caffeine is known for giving us a daily dose of energy, when all we feel like doing is crawling back to bed. But that’s only if you drink coffee, right? Turns out, coffee oil could be the answer to getting the benefits of coffee without actually needing to gulp it down.

Avoiding the Dead Look With the DIY Spiced Pumpkin Latte Face Mask

Society deems it unacceptable to take sweets from strangers or terrify the neighbours, yet on Halloween it’s actively encouraged. However, all of the face-paint, sugar-laden goodies and repetitive grimacing can leave your skin looking a little worse for wear.

Bring your skin back from Zombieland with our original DIY spiced pumpkin latte facemask. Who says your pumpkin has to go to waste?

Seriously Though, What is Activated Charcoal?

According to a quick scour of the internet there are many uses for charcoal, only some of them made up. However, throw into the mix the word 'activated' and suddenly there's a whole world of confusion. 


Read on to help tell the fact apart from fiction. 

Does Caffeine Help Your Skin?

Does caffeine-infused skincare really make you glow or is just your imagination saving you from the embarrassment of paying for snake oil?

Fortunately the boffins in the lab have worked long and hard to get to the bottom of this contentious issue. So grab a coffee, take a sip and read on. Their findings might just cause a bit of a buzz.

Blackheads, Whiteheads and the Grey in Between

Watch the TV for a while and, sure enough, you’ll likely be treated to an advert for some kind of acne skincare - normally involving a 20-something-year-old actor pretending to be a teen with a pimple. 

One question though. What actually is a pimple, and how do you get rid of them?

The Hidden Benefits of Vegan Skincare

Have you ever picked up a bottle of shower gel and seen that little squiggly sunflower symbol on the bottle? It’s often small but the meaning behind it is huge. It's vegan skincare.

Here are just a few reasons that its benefits are more than skin deep.

"The Hemp Collection" Face Mask Reviews

Have a read of some of the reviews and feedback we have received on our organic hemp face mask range!

Our Favourite At Home Beauty Recipes

What better way to explore how beauty products are made than to make them yourself?

Here are just a few of our favourite DIY beauty recipes. You won't believe how simple they are. 

Our Hemp Collection Gallery

A collection of images of lovely people enjoying our "Hemp Collection" face mask range!

Optiat Coffee Scrub Reviews

Don't want to take our word for it? Have a read of some of this feedback on our "For The Love Of Scrub" range!

Our #ScrubSquad Gallery - Part 2!

Another collection of images of lovely people enjoying our "For The Love Of Scrub" range!

Our #ScrubSquad Gallery!

A collection of images of lovely people enjoying our "For The Love Of Scrub" range!

This Vital Ingredient Could Be Ruining Your Skin

Bad skin is becoming more common. However this trend is unusual given many of the people now suffering did not have spots as teenagers. So what is going on?

How to Make Your Own Homemade Coffee Scrub

Here at Optiat we pride ourselves on using recognisable plant-based ingredients. We want our products and production processes to be transparent so that you can put your total trust in us.

So, continue reading to try your hand at making your own coffee scrub at home!