“Optiat comes in first place in the battle of the coffee scrubs. It is definitely a 10 out of 10.” Jasmine_kawaii_creep

“Optiat scrubs are a game changer in the beauty world.” Boxession_uk

“My skin definitely feels clearer. I am honestly so happy with the improvements!” hannahrosecluley

“I used the Optiat scrub for the first time this morning – it’s only 10am and I’ve already had several compliments on how good my skin looks! I can’t stop touching my face it’s so soft, and my makeup went on better than it ever has!” CarolAckles

“Optiat is the only scrub which works for my sensitive skin. I can really tell when I’m without it! It’s the one scrub which has cleared up my problematic skin for me.” Ellavenermo

“Do I like Optiat’s coffee scrub? I looooooove it, it’s my new favourite!” grimche

“For the first time (perhaps ever) I’ve used a product that genuinely cleans and moisturises at once, meaning that I don’t have to add a cream after! And better than that, I felt so beautiful.” Ayannawj

“The Vanilla scrub smells divine and my skin feels so soft, like a baby!” alegzp

“I have been looking for a good face and body scrub for a while and found the beaut peppermint scrub last weekend. I’ve used it a few times this week and it’s really made a difference!” Hayley_wf

“I love the smell of the Lemongrass scrub, it is lovely to use to freshen up post workout and it has a dumbbell on the front… What more could you want?!” amywestpt

“It’s a really cool concept to repurpose used coffee grounds into natural and beautifully scented scrubs. The grounds have the perfect amount of “scrubbiness” too.” Angelyns_things

“The smell is incredible, the scrub is nourishing and it comes in a sturdy tube not a flimsy pouch! All in all, I love it.” Annabellebrittle

“I love the scents available and how easy they are to dispense from the tube. The effects from the scrub are instantly visible and they are great for both the face and body. I rate these coffee scrubs as the best on the market.” HelenNugent

“The scrub smells just absolutely incredible. On the skin it is a delight to use and the orange scent mixed with coffee is just wonderful.” Beautyqueenuk

“I am amazed by the smell and the story of Optiat products. I have just used the scrub all over my body and face and my skin feels so soft and refreshed” francescabricephotography

“I started using your scrub last night and my skin already feels like a baby’s bum. So soft, and smells lush too!” hannahmusselwhite

“I used the Mouthwatering Mandarin scrub for the first time today. As soon as I washed it off after having a little scrubs my skin felt so smooth – and it gave me a little glow.” Eatnourishlove

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