We have named our new 100% natural, certified-Organic face mask range “The Hemp Collection”.

We’ve taken unloved, unwanted hemp husks (a natural by-product of the manufacture of hemp seeds) and combined them with clays, activated charcoal and other organic ingredients to create our range of three face masks: for oily/combination skin, sensitive skin, and for men!

We collect our hemp husks from Hempen. Hempen are a cooperative organic hemp farm in the Oxfordshire countryside. They make a variety of wonderful hemp products, like hemp seed, oil and tea. However, they do not use the husks of the seeds, so that is where we swoop in!


We appreciate that having a face mask in the form of a powder is a not something that people come across everyday. So we thought we would take you through a simple step by step of how you can turn your face mask from powder to paste!

There are several benefits of having a face mask in powder form...

The first is that we don't need to use a preservative, so when we say that our masks are 100% natural, we really mean it!

Not only this, but because our masks are mixed by you, you have the freedom to mix your mask as thickly or thinly as you like. If you're in a bit of a rush you can add a little more water than usual for a faster drying mask. Or, if you're after a luxurious pamper sesh, you can add more powder and less water and indulge yourself!

So without further ado, let's begin!




If you would like to try out our face masks before committing to a full sized vial then you can get samples like the one Sarah is using above in our Pamper Kits.

All three face masks come in both our Face Mask Pamper Kit and our VIP Pamper Kit.

Once you've tried all three you can pick your favourite and go for a full sized mask! Our full sized vials provide a minimum of 30 individual face masks.

You can shop the range here! 

Happy pampering!